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My Debut Album is out now!

After a long process of songwriting, arranging, practicing, recording, mixing, mastering, cover design and printing... IT'S FINALLY HERE:  MY  DEBUT  ALBUM  IS  OUT  NOW! And with it the physical copy in form of CDs. I am beyond grateful and happy.

Thanks to
Stamatis Veligradis for his beautiful Violin play on many of my tracks
Erik Hansen for playing the drums so perfectly
Joe Olivo and Frequenzwerk Records for recording, mixing and mastering
Jalal Mando who shot the cover photo.
Iza Viola who shot a few of the photos in the booklet.
And again to Alexander Reime, Brian Corin and Jalal Mando who each have produced a music video for three of the album's songs.

And a heartfelt thank you to all the friends and family who have always supported me.

And thanks to you for listening. 

Much Love,



Click here to purchase CD or stream

Click here to purchase CD or stream

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"Wings" on Bandcamp

"Wings" on Bandcamp

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